Philipp Verheyen

Hair & Make-Up

Philipp Verheyen's sense of beauty goes beyond the outward appearance: his work as one of Germany’s most sought-after hair and make-up artists centers around creating authentic beauty concepts in line with his clients’ needs while not only connecting on a professional — but more importantly — on a personal level.

Verheyen completed his training as a hairstylist in London and Cologne after leaving his hometown in the Lower Rhine region. Having moved to Berlin in 2009, he officially started off his career as a hair&make-up artist, while shortly after signing with Ballsaal Artist Management in Hamburg, Germany. Since the past three years he has been working independently and is a proud brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris and represents brands such as Chanel, UND GRETEL and Dr. Barbara Sturm in Germany.

Besides contributing for magazines like Vogue, The Gentlewoman, Harper‘s Bazaar etc., as well as having worked with clients ranging from independent fashion designers to global corporations, by now Verheyen’s focus lies on in-depth beauty consulting and long-term image conception for some of Germany’s most famous musicians and actors like Anna Maria Mühe, Diane Kruger, Emilia Schüle, Hannah Herzsprung und Lena Meyer-Landrut.

Apart from a close exchange with his clientele as well as a positive impact on the well-being and image of each individual he advises and treats, his work aims to convey his passion for detail, craft, and zeitgeist aesthetics.


Anna Maria Mühe
Emilia Schüle
Felix Jaehn
Hannah Herzsprung
Heike Makatsch
Iris Berben
Jella Haase
Jessica Schwarz
Karoline Herfuhrt
Lena Meyer-Landrut
Palina Rojinski
Paula Beer
Stefanie Giesinger


Dr. Barbara Sturm
L’Oréal Paris